Quality Control Method                             Download the Quality Control Record Sheet
1. "Peel"
For initial Quality Control for new customers, it is recommended that the user become familiar with the entire range of colours that are possible. Remove 6 swabs and retrieve all 6 buffer solutions (pH5.0 - pH7.5). Rest the swabs on the end of a flat surface so that the tip of the swab is not touching anything.
2. "Combine"
Add the pH buffers (2-4 drops) to the swabs on the flat surface and let them stand for 10-15 seconds, remembering not to let anything touch the swab tips. (Even paper towel will alter the pH of the swab tip)
3. "Compare"
Hold the six swabs up individually and/or together and observe the different colours for each pH level. If the product does not show a significant difference between upper and lower pH levels, contact the manufacturer.
Be sure to review the technical insert provided by Pro-Lab if you are unsure about any step in the procedure, including interpretation of results.